Unreal Tournament Server Admin Commands

I've gotten quite a few questions about the commands for operating a UT server, so I decided to list some of the most common ones here. The list is not complete, but the most common commands are included. The list is mostly based on the file I got when I became a Clanbase UT CTF Cup Admin. Credits to |wtf|TNSe and SuCkY[2$H] for compiling that list. Since it was for CTF, many commands include the CTF-version and not the other types.

All commands except adminlogin requires you to be logged in as administrator. Also, for many commands you have to restart the map before changes takes place. Map names are in the format ctf-face, dm-codex, dom-gearbolt, and as-frigate. If you're unsure what to write - check the filename in the "maps" UT subdirectory.

This list is hosted on Panzar's Place.

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Action Type this in the console
General Commands
Login as an Administrator adminlogin adminpass
Kick a player from server admin kick playername
Kick and ban a player from server admin kickban playername
Brodcast message in middle of screen say #message
Give up administrator rights adminlogout
Change maps and gametypes
Restart current map admin servertravel?restart
Change map but not gametype admin servertravel map name
Change map and/or gametype to CTF admin servertravel map name?game=botpack.ctfgame
Change map and/or gametype to DOM admin servertravel map name?game=botpack.domination
Change map and/or gametype to ASSAULT admin servertravel map name?game=botpack.assault
Change map and/or gametype to DM admin servertravel map name?game=botpack.deathmatchplus
Change map and/or gametype to DM-TEAMGAME admin servertravel map name?game=botpack.teamgameplus
Restart map with a mutator admin servertravel?restart?game=botpack.ctfgame?mutator=mutator
Start Face without  redeemer admin servertravel ctf-face?game=botpack.ctfgame?mutator=botpack.noredeemer
Start Codex without powerups admin servertravel dm-codex?game=botpack.deathmatchplus?mutator=botpack.nopowerups
Start November with rocket launcer only admin servertravel ctf-november?game=botpack.ctfgame?mutator=botpack.rocketarena
Start Leadworks with Shock Rifle only admin servertravel dom-leadworks?game=botpack.domination?mutator=botpack.shockarena
Start Lava Giant without powerups, redeemer and pulseguns only admin servertravel ctf-lavagiant?game=botpack.ctfgame?mutator=botpack.noredeemer,botpack.nopowerups,botpack.pulsearena
Start Niven with Instagib admin servertravel ctf-niven?game=botpack.ctfgame?mutator=botpack.instagibdm
Restart map without mutators admin servertravel?restart?mutator=
See what timelimit is already set admin get botpack.ctfgame timelimit
Set timelimit to 20 minutes admin set botpack.ctfgame timelimit 20
See what fraglimit is already set admin get botpack.deathmatchplus fraglimit
Set fraglimit 30 admin set botpack.deathmatchplus fraglimit 30
See what capplimit is already set admin get botpack.ctfgame goalteamscore
Set capplimit 10 admin set botpack.ctfgame goalteamscore 10
See what maxplayers is currently set at admin get engine.gameinfo maxplayers
Set maxplayers to 10 admin set engine.gameinfo maxplayers 10
See what max spectators is currently set at admin get engine.gameinfo maxspectators
Set number of allowed spectators to 0 admin set engine.gameinfo maxspectators 0
See what max team size is set at  (important if tournament mode is on) admin get botpack.ctfgame maxteamsize
Set max team size 6 admin set botpack.ctfgame maxteamsize 6
Tournament Mode
See if tournament mode is set (CTF) admin get botpack.ctfgame btournament
See if tournament mode is set (DM) admin get botpack.deathmatchplus btournament
Set tournament mode on/off (CTF) admin set botpack.ctfgame btournament true/false
Set tournament mode on/off (DM) admin set botpack.deathmatchplus btournament true/false
Server Physics
Set new password for the game admin set engine.gameinfo gamepassword password
Set friendly fire on/off/percentage admin set botpack.ctfgame friendlyfirescale 0.00-1.00
Set weaponstay on/off admin set botpack.ctfgame bmultiweaponstay true/false
Toggle translocator admin set botpack.ctfgame busetranslocator true/false
Toggle force respawn admin set botpack.ctfgame bforcerespawn true/false
Toggle team balance admin set botpack.ctfgame bplayersbalanceteams true/false
Set aircontrol to 35% (default=35%) admin set botpack.deathmatchplus aircontrol 0.35
Set gamespeed to 110% (default=100%) admin set engine.gameinfo gamespeed 1.1